2013 Retail Innovation Challenge Winners!

This year’s competition was definitely a step up on all fronts – from the teams and their innovative retail ideas to two days of panels, dinners, mixers and more! Each team competed tirelessly all day on Friday but only a … Continued

2013 RIC Finalists Announced!

The five teams entering the final round have been announced. 1. Hatchlings 2. BerryTag 3. N^2 Medical Solutions 4. DSD Net 5. Regen Ulcer Care These teams will be presenting for a full 30 minutes to a new panel of … Continued

RIC 2013 Kicks off tonight – Full Schedule

Wake Forest Schools of Business is proud to be launching the 2013 Retail Innovation Challenge today. The official competition gets underway tomorrow but tonight we have an excellent schedule of events and speakers to kick off the event. See the … Continued

2013 Retail Innovation Challenge Social Media Kit

This year we’re asking for your help in chronicling the events of the Retail Innovation Challenge at Wake Forest Schools of Business. While we will have key staff on the ground at the event covering everything from teams prepping to … Continued