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Berry Tag
Berry Tag

Due to physical constraints, senior citizens today depend on online retail more than ever. However, so
many senior citizens still insist on physically shopping “the old way” because they claim to ‘trust only
what they see’. And rightly so; the shipping industry remains shady without much of an explanation of
how products move from Point A to Point B. This lack of shipping data is a grave and potentially
dangerous issue; many products that senior citizens necessitate (such as medical apparatus or certain
dietary supplements) are imperative to their well-being and absolutely cannot be tampered during
shipping. For the sake of our senior citizens, the shipping industry must be more transparent and
accountable for its actions.

To this end we developed the Berry Tag, a new impact detection technology that communicates a
product’s shipping and handling information. It was designed by applying basic mechanical principles to
create a cost efficient, market viable impact sensor. If the product experiences unwarranted impact
during shipping, the Berry Tag will change color, indicating impact. This brings a whole new level of
transparency to the shipping industry.
In the long run, we hope that the Berry Tag will elevate the quality of the shipping industry. With the
Berry Tag, we hope to qualm the uneasiness in our senior citizens’ hearts when they receive their
package with a Berry Tag, intact and unbroken.