Common Sense Care – South Dakota St.


Common Sense Care is an application that can be downloaded by patients starting at their doctor’s office or pharmacy and accessible via web, phone, or other internet device. Prescriptions are instantly uploaded to the application, and reminders set by the patient and pharmacist. When it is time to take a pill, the patient simply clicks the “checkmark” to indicate that they have taken their medicine. Vitamins, over the counter medications, and possible drug interferences are also included in the application’s database. Automatic refill requests are sent to the pharmacy when prescriptions are running low. When customers come into the pharmacy to get their refills, they have the option to be weighed and have their blood pressure recorded. Information can be sent directly to their doctor.

Based on their discipline in following their medical plans (pills, weight loss, etc.), customers earn coupons and discounts that correlate to the “Common Sense Section”, an aisle dedicated to products aimed specifically at older people, or that they use frequently. These items will be placed in a centralized location within the store in order to eliminate the need for old legs to traipse around 20 acres of items they don’t need.