Shopping Our Way – Wake Forest


We learned that lack of technological knowledge prevented senior citizens from using retailers’ snazzy apps and fully utilizing the gadgets they purchase. We also learned that many “showrooming” customers went online in search of product reviews to help them make an in-store purchasing decision.

“Shopping Our Way” educates seniors about products–especially technology, and what exists to enhance one’s shopping experience. The aging population has the opportunity to learn what the younger generation uses every day, and will feel included in the most recent trends. Seniors will be able to learn about what special programs a store has to offer and what potential benefits exist for them. The reviews will show real people at particular retail stores with honest feedback about their shopping experiences. Seniors can then learn ahead of time if a store is a place they want to shop, and will obtain an idea of how they will be treated. This also gives retailers the opportunity to adjust their stores for aging consumer preferences. Thus, overall seniors’ lives will be enhanced as they learn about products that will better their lives and learn about the best places to shop their way.