Smart Grocery – Babson


Our idea is to bring a complete new shopping experience to all American citizens (but specially seniors), where they can enjoy shopping and see it again as a fun activity, rather than a chore. By using barcode cards our clients will select their preferred items without worrying about carrying the products around the store and to their homes. With a simple, yet innovative idea we will make their experience easier and engaging. Unlike current big stores, our concept will be to offer easy shopping coupled with an experience of having a second place to be and meet people, all walking distance from their homes.

Moreover, in our concept, stores won’t carry inventories, bringing a tremendous advantage for us as retailers: facilitates stores penetrations, lower costs (headcount and logistics) and reduces to almost zero breakage and losses.

Our intention is to create the most efficient grocery store that will restore the community aspect while shopping!

Our innovative store concept will be located closer to our clients, who won’t need to stay in traffic for long periods and likely will be able to walk to the store. We target the seniors in a way to improve their accessibility of doing groceries and their entire shopping experience. In our stores, besides doing groceries, they will be able to meet people, interact with them, drink coffee, and even read a book in our lounge. Since most of seniors still don’t purchase online and because we believe in the power of physical interaction with products and merchandising, our concept store will carry no inventory but will have products displayed in shelves at easy reach. Seniors then will be able to, instead of carrying heavy bags/carts, just grab barcode-cards that represent the products they want to buy. Seniors will be able to walk through wide corridors and don’t worry with the size and weight of the products they are buying. We believe that this would make the shopping experience easier. Moreover, checkout will be done very fast, without the normal hassle of waiting for each product to be unloaded from the cart and scanned. The purchase, then, will be delivered at the clients’ house in the same or next day, which will also give seniors the flexibility to do whatever they want after shopping, without the need to go back home and unload the bags. Complimentary delivery and storing services will be part of the proposed concept.