Team IDEAL – Arizona


EZ Connect is an innovation reintroducing the retail industry to customers who can no longer access the traditional retail storefront. This application ensures a critical customer base – seniors with diminishing capacity to travel and manage their households – has access and convenient reminders about retail goods needed at any given time. EZ Connect links up voice recognition and smart technology with an interface geared towards seniors. Including each aspect vital to a mature audience is the key feature of EZ Connect. The innovation is in the design of the application to appeal to differently abled citizens of all ages to re access the retail landscape.

If a senior forgets that his or her heart medication ran out this morning, in all likelihood, he or she will miss tomorrow’s dose of potentially life-saving medication. If his or her arthritis prevents him or her from driving to the grocery store to purchase food, he or she may go hungry. EZ Connect ensures the health, wellness, and happiness of an aging population by providing a convenient solution which helps seniors purchase the retail products they need without even leaving the comfort of their home. With the ability to remind users of past-due prescriptions, period purchase options, and step-by-step walkthroughs, EZ Connect is the one-stop problem solver for day-to-day needs of senior citizens.